GeckoLogic-USA: including modules and monitoring systems

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Highest quality products

– Great prices

– Solar service lifetime support

– Excellent customer service

GeckoLogic-USA, Inc. is a solar system design and engineering firm dedicated to designing and installing the highest-performing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for homes, jack hammer for sale businesses, government facilities and larger commercial buildings. Further, GeckoLogic is a developer of PV components, including modules and monitoring systems.

With over 1000 systems installed, we offer proven solar design and installation service!

With over 1,000 systems installed, we have proven experience. Our growing list of satisfied clients is the result of our excellent individualized customer service.  We have the expertise Bosch brute jackhammer necessary to design and build the highest performing solar energy systems for power plants, agriculture, businesses, government buildings and homes ranging in size from 1 Kilo Watt to over 1 Mega Watt.

Take pride in your system!

Our success is simple: we deliver to you top quality products and design your solar system with the highest energy efficiency possible.

Do the right thing!

We believe in using Mother Nature’s gift and producing clean energy directly from the sun. We are driven to serve you, our environment and our economy.

Stand up for your environment!

Our group of professionals is committed to serving you best cordless impact wrench. We are passionate about our environment and have over 11MW installed, ranking us as one of the top solar companies.

GeckoLogic is a leading solar system design and installation group that employs only NABCEP certified personnel, experienced certified solar engineers, and PV installers including General B and Electrical C-10 contractors.

We will serve you the best!

As an independent system company, GeckoLogic chooses quality solar products from the leading manufacturers to design your solar system with the highest energy efficiency possible.

Our driving force is the sun. Our goal is to make solar best hammer drill energy attainable for everyone.

Use our financing service!

We deliver turnkey systems and provide 100% support to customers with our Solar Life Time Service.

We will evaluate you solar needs!

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Home defense is a serious business

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In Countries other than the US, organized defense mechanism against any form of attack, invasion or coup is termed as home defense. The defense personnel belong to the law and order department and are posted to foil attempts by intruders and attackers or assailants.

In the US particularly, home defense means chiefly and originally the defense or the capacity to defend a person’s home or household that includes himself and his family against intruders whether in the personal form say for example trespassing on the property with an intent to cause harm to the life of the inmates or to any property in order to diminish the value of such property or as an organized form of crime like a group of men breaking in to the house in the middle of the night to burgle the place .

Why people in America must be serious about owning a firearm?

In the US, where the rate of settlement of houses is less and the distance between the houses is big, it is a good idea to procure a license to have a valid firearm in the house or a couple of them so that it is helpful in self defense of the person as well as his own household.

My glock 19 is of high quality!!

Glock 19 is the most hyped gun over the centuries but the hype is not just like that. Glock 19 is always in a mood to deliver. It rises up to all occasions and there is hardly anybody in this planet earth who would have used this super hand gun and not been satisfied with it. And I am telling you again that the statement is definitely not an exaggeration.

It is a mid range between a pistol and a full sized gun but what a gun, man!

Holster for G-lock handgun ©

If you are looking for a holster to complement your high performance glock ammunition firearm then look no further than the glock store. You will find a world of holsters there with every kind of model that can be imagined.

There are

1. Belly band holsters for the glock

2. The concealment kind of holsters

3. Ankle ones

4. The ones that can be attached to your belts

5. The holsters that are particularly made for

6. Competition holsters that adhere to strict specifications

7. Duty holsters

8. IWB

9. Magazine holsters

10. Paddle ones

11. Shoulder ones

12. Tactical ones

You name it and they have it.

HC3R magazine:

The HC3R magazines of today are bigger and better than before. There is no more finger-hurting when you load the magazines and no more unreliable shots just after feeding them. If you go for the value pack you also get extra clips that can be used for stripping, speed loaders, tools to help you take down the magazine. The case is a great and convenient way to store your ammunitions too.

Best price for Sig Sauer 1911 Scorpion

The best price for the beauty of the gun is $1009. That is the mark up price. But if you care for pre owned guns or guns that are listed on brokering sites, you may be lucky to own this gun at a lower mark up than the one when you officially go for a recent one.

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Ride a hoverboard and master the art of balancing a 2 –wheeled scooter

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How does the hoverboard work?

A lot of people are seen to be in awe with these balancing boards. Here is a primer on how these 2 wheel scooter works. The board has the following parts:

1. Steel body

2. A logic board

3. Twin gyroscopes

4. Pair of infra red sensors

5. Twin electric motors which are designed to be inside the wheels

6. The wheels also have a tilt sensor which tells them what to do with each kind of tilt

7. A charging port

8. On / off switch

9. A battery hood which consists of the battery

10. Lights, mostly LED. Some models do not have them.

11. Pressure foot pads

12. A plastic body encasing all the components safely inside

Here is the working:

The tilt in the wheel tells the motors how much to go forward or reverse based on the revolution per minute of the individual wheel. The gyroscope in the board allows for the modulation of the speed of the board itself. The movement and the speed of the board is largely maintained by the gyroscope which transmits the signal to the logic board and the motor within the wheels and thus the speed is modulated.

Buy hoverboard charger online:

While the pack recommends using only the charger which comes along with the box, there are instances where the charger gets misplaced or is damaged. Online stores also individually sell charger of these boards. These chargers do not come with any warranty on them and therefore once the product is delivered, they may be under no obligation to take it back or refund your money in case the charger does not suit your board’s port or you think it does not conform to any safety standards. As a matter of precaution, you must make sure to mention that the charger you want to buy is for which particular model and for what brand.

Price of hoverboard to buy:

If you are having a bent of mind towards those lovely hoverboards sitting pretty on the stores, you may consider buying them since they are the hot favorite of teens today. The holiday season has seen them literally flying off their store racks. A decent and the cheapest of them will be priced on the right side of $300. A razor Hovertrax starts at $390 while a Swagtron T1 2016 model starts at a humble 340 dollars.

The pink hoverboard!:

Pink is a favorite among the feminine crowd and there seems to be a great demand for this color too. Market statistics prove that a few colors like gold, pink, red and green are very popular at most stores and even at online stores, there seems to be a frenzy to add them to their carts. The pink that most manufacturers make is a powder coated glistening pink that really looks good.

Red Hoverboard – best color!!

Red color also has a big fan following and is almost the season’s most celebrated color. People who prefer buying red are obviously buying to gift to their dear ones. A quick cruise through most online stores around this season will show that gifts bought in red color are the most popular and red color is definitely in demand.

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Dirt Bikes For All Of You And All Your Biking Needs

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A dirt bike is exclusively designed for the off-road riding experiences and hence is made to look and feel light. This light weight built does not compromise on the speed or accuracy and are designed to be fast and dashing on the racing tracks. These dirt bikes come with several variations and they are made to suit all needs of all types of people. They serve people who love to tour on rugged terrains, riders who love to test their racing and sporting skills on hills and much more beyond this. Depending on the need and size of the rider, they come in different styles and sizes. They generally come with knobby or semi-knobby tires, depending upon the requirement but are all designed mainly for the off tracks where riding with a normal two-wheeler is difficult. This makes it clear that these are special bikes or devices on wheels that are designed to suit special and sports – daring needs. These bikes can easily handle any type of unusual roads, from muddy ones to rugged rocky ones. And to have the best mountain biking, one should definitely go for this which is definite to make the trekking experience a great and memorable one on a bike.

To give the best off-road riding experience to your kid, surprise them with the Razor dune buggy for this is a very comfortable, safe and cozy dirt bike in the form of a buggy that allows your children to control the wheels from their seats and has no complicated gears or wheels for them to handle. This is a cute, small, electric operated car like buggy which is a new introduction from the world famous Razor and can speed up to 9-10 mph. One major point of mention about this model is that though they are specially designed for the uneven surfaces, they fare well on even surfaces too making the riding options wider and bigger. So do not worry if you do not possess a car; these buggies will take you on their wheels to wherever you feel like traveling.

Razor has introduced many such similar dirt bikes in the market and the major confusion in many riders is which one to choose and which one is the best. The latest to top this query list is Razor MX350 or MX500? Well explaining this is a little difficult because both of them are designed for the same purpose with only slight differences in their features like speed, battery, weight and other basics.

Another buggy model from the hands of Razor is the Razor Ground Force drifter which is one best option for the kids. These can work well on roads as well as lawns and hence a very safe and reliable option for the tiny tots. Similar to this is the Power Wheels Dune Racer which not only accommodates your child but also enables him to accommodate his comrade for a fun filled ride. They are made of heavy steel and hence live through the possible damages and falls by your kids.

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All About DSLR Cameras

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A DSLR camera is great for you when you wish to take superior quality pictures as it gives you the freedom to decide which kind of pictures you really want. If you are tired of using the same old point & shoot camera, then surely you can give the next generation DSLR cameras a try.

DSLR is commonly known as the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera and as it comes with the digital technology and hence its picture quality is amazing just like any digital image. These cameras are used by amateur photographers and professionals alike. The new DSLR camera gives you a better control and also provides manual control options.

Different Types Of DSLR Cameras

There are essentially two types of DSLR cameras.

1. Fixed Lens: The fixed lens in a DSLR camera gives you limited focal length.

2. Interchangeable lens: This is more flexible than the fixed lens. So, if you wish to take better quality pictures, you can easily attach a wide angle, standard or telephoto lens to your camera.

What To Look For When Buying A DSLR Cameras

The two most important factors concerning your purchase factor for a DSLR Camera are mentioned below:

* Resolution: When buying a DSLR camera, one of the important factors is its resolution. If you have adequate resolution in your camera, you will surely get a great shot every time.

* Sensor Size: Another important criterion is its sensor size since this can help you to enhance the image quality. Larger sensors with larger pixels it gives you will surely get better quality. Another big advantage is that you can get a better image of a far off object

Many great brands like Canon, Nikon or even Pentax can provide you good lenses with the above features. It will finally boil down to the fact of how much you want to spend on your camera. If you are a beginner, we suggest that you don’t really spend a hefty amount on your first camera at the same time ensure that at least the resolution and sensor size are good when you make your purchase.

And now when you are looking for good DSLR Cameras, we suggest that you can go for either Canon 5d Mark iii Amazon or Pentax SLR. These are also some of the best DSLR for cheap available in the market.

However in this article, we will pick out one of the DSLR camera which you may consider. We will also share some its customer reviews for your knowledge so that you are making an informed decision.


This DSLR provides you a fantastic full-frame of 22.3-megapixel and a CMOS sensor which can shoot up to 6 frames per second (fps) and that should be fine for you as well. It will also provide you the famous Canon’s state-of-the-art DIGIC 5+ image processor along with ISO speeds of up to 25600, easily expandable to 102400 which help you to find out the object you plan to shoot easily. And its expanded 61-point Auto-Focus (AF) system is amazing when you have to shoot moving objects.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Reviews

According to some of its users:

1. Canon EOS Rebel T5 is a great Camera with a great image quality and it can be fantastic for shooting movable images like people in a gathering, animals or any other similar situations. This is usually not the case with the ordinary cameras.

2. This DSLR is extremely easy to handle and has good service offerings.

3. Has a great performance in low light and also has fast Auto focus which can be really interesting when you are shooting on the move.

4. Weighing almost 2.5kgs, it can sometimes be difficult to carry around when you are in an outdoor event or in the wilderness.

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Tactical Knives In The Rise

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In the recent past there is an increase in the number of tactical knives manufactured owing to the increase in their demand. There are no major manufacturers who do not offer knives under this category and there is a numerous variety available in this model.

These tactical knives are foldable but they are not like our ancient times folding knives that were used for some regular needs. The olden day`s knives had thin, sharp blades and was mounted on a wooden handle or sometimes on an ivory stand. But these tactical knives come with a thick sharper blade mounted on a heavy material. They are made for rough purposes and hence look tough and are not dainty beauties.

If somebody is looking for a survival knife that easily fits their pocket and at the same time does not compromise on any of the features of a best survival knife is the gerber lmf. These knives are available for a price less than $100 and hence are a good option for all the pockets meeting their survival and emergency needs. There are many models available in this but all of them differ only in the handle make, the sheath colors and the accessories. Rest all remain the same in delivering the requirements perfectly. So for a knife hobbyist, this looks to be good option since it offers a palette of options.

The kabar machete is the perfect pick for cutting, chopping and clearing purposes. It is an ideal option for those who require knives for home needs and also expect them to be sharper, bolder and efficient. Though it is a little out of shape with a big head, they are easy to carry and hence can travel with any person to any place. This ease in using and carrying them is all because of the leather sheath they are covered in and they come with a very useful belt loop that makes it even easier for carrying.

There are many pocket knives that come under the tactical knives category. These pocket knives are foldable and come with different types of blades making it a multi-purpose one. If you are looking out for a best pick then the Victorinox Swiss pocket knife would be the best pocket knife for the money you pay. This is in fact the apt tool that stands to explain the right meaning of a multi- purpose knife.

The zero tolerance knives come in different models each one differing in their sizes and shapes. Here is a short description about the zt 0300 model. The first thing that captures everyone`s eyes is its size and the heavy built. Its length is close to 9 inches and weighs up to 8.6 ounces. It has a big belly in the middle and hence best suits utility purposes. This knife is made up of fine steel material and it has been the same for many years now. Though there are many types of advanced steel and other materials none of them have come up to match this quality knife.

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3D printers – The Crystal-Clear Future

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The future for 3D printers is very bright and their need is going to be felt in each and every aspect of life. Researchers and experts are already claiming that it is going to bring about a great revolution in the regular functioning of the world and that its use and functions will extend and expand widely from what it is today makerbot review. It is being believed that with rapid growth in technology, the 3D printing world will also see great changes and it would be to an extent that man will be able to create all his needs and demands all by himself, without any assistance.

So a person who owns a 3D printer will be able to do well in all fields of life with his unstoppable imagination and creativity. In fact future wants people to be like this bringing in new things to the world that are given life in the form of models and objects with the help of 3D printers.

Initially these printers where only in their initial levels wherein the very common 3d printing filament like the PLA ad ABS were alone used in them to create models which were also not perfect but close to perfection. With technology advancing higher, there came a change in everything including the 3D printers and these filaments were enhanced further with more features and benefits and the end result was perfectly modeled and created.

With an increase in the expectation and demands of people, there was continuous development in the printing world too and different types of printers were manufactured to suit the different needs of different people. Now there are printers available even below $500 and these come with the basic features and benefits best suiting the home and educational needs. Some of the best rated 3d printer under 1000 2016/2017 are:

* Solidoodle Press – this is a very compact and easy to use 3D printer that comes for a very affordable price of $800 all inclusive. It is a good option that can be used for simple printing purposes.

* Sharebot Kiwi – this is another very simple and fully assembled 3D printer that comes under the `below $1000` tag. This comes with no surprises or complexities and works just fine and delivers the expectations better and efficiently. This can be compared to the marketbot mini printer.

These are only a few enlisted here. More details about these and about some Good 3d Printer for Kids J can be collected from the common blogs and specific websites of manufacturers.

Marketbot 3D printer

Marketbot 3D printer is a new model printer that is widely in use in the present day world. These printers are best known for their flexibility in accommodating almost all types of filaments and materials for printing purposes. The latest from their side is the 5th Gen replicator that supports huge volume and comes with a smart extruder. The best part of using this is it can be connected

to any device via a Wi-Fi connection and also comes with a camera that can take pictures and try to create replica of the same within no time. There are plenty of marketbot reviews online all in praise of its features and benefits.

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Raise your sight -with Binoculars

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Have troubles in getting a glimpse of that far bird on the hill, your favorite star at the sky? Or trying hard to get a glimpse of finer details of the bird that visits you each day? Well, why don’t you own a Binocular then? We bet it’s going to be a great investment and your best friend in your journey of adventurous life.

We hope they are not a new term to you! These are optical instruments basically. So, when you decide to buy one, it’s good to know more about the product and compare a few. Never worry, for we are here to give you the information that you need, all about binoculars.

What exactly are these objects?

Binoculars are optical instruments that are just like telescopes, but are mounted side-by-side, aligned to point in the same direction giving the viewer a clear view of distant objects.

There are different types of binoculars, all in different brands, models etc. so, how to buy binoculars, better in quality and also fitting into your budget?

We shall explain you,how to choose binoculars, parameters to be considered.

Understanding the numbers: the quality of a binocular is normally assessed by two numbers, the Magnification (x) Diameter of the lens.

The first one is always the Magnification factor. It says the number of times the object is closer to your eye. For example, if it is 7, it means the object is magnified 7 times of your eye.

Second one is the diameter of the objective lens, measured in millimeters. The more is the diameter, the bigger the lens and clearer image. This also makes the binocular to weigh a little more.

Brightness: this factor is directly dependent on the magnification and diameter of the lens. When both the parameters are equal, a brighter and sharper image is the end result.

Exit Pupil: this is a very important parameter to be considered. Any light from the lens in projected as a beam; this beam is the exit pupil. You can calculate this factor, by dividing the diameter of the lens with the Magnification. Normal human eye can view upto 6-7mm. if this image falls within this measure, then it’s really good, else it’s a total waste.

Field of View:this is nothing but the wideness of the lens. This makes following a moving object easier. A lesser magnification lens provides a better field of view.

Weight and size: quality and weight go hand in hand. More the weight of binocular, better the quality, because the weight is from the lens. But, for those who can’t hold so heavy, there are light weight and compact binoculars. Or you may even chose to buy a binocular tripod and stay relieved.

Compact Binoculars, are they really compact?

Yes, these are specially designed to meet the requirements of those who can’t carry heavy ones. Compact Binoculars are simply smaller versions of the larger ones; internally they remain the same majorly.

The main factor that makes compact Binoculars a reality is the smaller size of the lens. But, never think that they produce tiny images. Having said this, the rest of the features, considering parameters remain the same.

Binoculars tripod

Tripod is a three legged stand to mount anything. Thinking if we really need one for just binoculars? Consider this, you may have to watch a bird or an animal or any other object for longer time, capturing every possible detail! Sounds already tiresome! How can you hold your binoculars so long? Impossible! Your hands would start to tremble, your legs too and your eyes would become a little puffed up!

The solution is to buy a binocular tripod. Mount it and stay focused, without any pain and worries!

You can buy binoculars directly in stores, considering the above parameters, or may try shopping online, with some assistance. We hope this page helped you a little in understanding binoculars!

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Feel The Real Grilling Experience With The Best Grills

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Cooking food in a different place apart from the kitchen is always a pleasurable one and that too when it is in the open garden with the nature, it is definitely going to be an experience. Make your culinary skills even better and tastier with the gas grills. Now the question is which is the best gas grills to buy? There are many options available in the market and they come in different sizes and ranges. Picking the right one for the right need fitting the pockets is really a herculean task. But doing it right would make the expectations come true.

The char broil gas grill is one good option that fits in everyone`s budget. This grill comes with 4 burners that make cooking and smoking food faster from all sides. Since it comes with a lid, the food that is cooked can be kept hot for a long time without losing the flavor in them char broil 4 burner gas grill. This is a very spacious grill that can cook food for a large number of people good enough for a party. Since the control panels and the outer layer are made of stainless steel, corrosion or rusting is never a question here. Again the grilling grates are made from porcelain which also fights back rusting. Any damage to the burners can be immediately attended to with the dealers since they come with a 5 warranty period and the grill as a whole comes with one year warranty. Though this might not be a great option when compared to the other grills, it sure is a good option for a particular budget satisfying the needs of grilling and cooking decently.

One best option that is capable of giving a person a profound grilling experience is the Weber electric grills. These grills are best known for their quality and since it’s from the master makers of grills, it is definitely a product in demand always. An electric grill is made from materials that are tested to stand the tides of time and all the parts in it are correctly placed giving it a complete proportionate shape and structure. Using this grill gives the real grilling experience. It is very sleek and needs no technical assistance in assembling the various parts. Since they are very light in weight, they can be fixed in any part of the house easily.

There are both reviews and posts from customers who have used the grills and who are beginning their grilling experience. And one most common question that keeps getting posted is `what and how to locate the best outdoor grills near me`? There are many factors that contribute to this query. First is the need for the grill; then comes the size. This is a very important factor because the grill you buy should be able to accommodate both your patio and in the house. These grills are available in different sizes and shapes and hence can be bought according to the size requirements. The next major factor is the price. All these come together to give the best grill option for your grilling purpose.

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Solar Panel, One Of the Ways To Utilise The Solar Energy

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Importance of the environment is highly understood and many have started to find ways to save it efficiently. Fossil fuels or the traditional fuels that we normally use today are depleting and they are not renewable. There will come a day in future where the world runs out of these fuels. Hence the world is looking towards using renewable energy. Solar energy and wind energy are key directions the world is moving towards.

Energy from the sun is utilised properly these days. The energy from the sun is stored and used to generate various forms of energy. The direct sunlight is stored in various ways to consume the energy properly. Some of the methods used to utilize the direct sunlight are

Solar Panels: It is the one of the ways used widely to utilise the direct sunlight. You might have seen many houses with solar panel. But, have you wondered how is it used? When the sunlight strikes the panels, electrons are kicked to generate electric current. These electric current can be saved with the help of a generator or inverter for future use. This may help one to save the power. Apart from the use of panels at home, they are even used in moving trucks, boats and recreational vehicles (RV). These RV solar panel kits are used to run refrigerators, lights and any electronics even in remote places. To get a more clear view about the available panels and to decide on what to purchase, read various reviews on different and best panels available on . provides a detail view on the generators, panels, charging station and batteries available.

Solar generator: The main advantage of the solar generator is that they do not produce noise when compared to the normal generator. As it is very silent, they are perfect for homes. The solar energy that is captured by the panel is stored in generators with self contained batteries. These batteries could be charged either by the solar power or directly from the wall socket or with the help of a car charger. One such generator that is used is Goal Zero Yeti 150. This type of generator is used to power the lights, laptops, fans and other electrical appliances. It is a portable one which can be easily taken to places.

Solar Charging station: This is a more convenient way of charging the mobiles. There are certain electric vehicles charging station available to supply energy for recharging electric vehicles. Juice box 40 is one of the best electric cars charging station. It comes with a WIFI facility. It is portable and easy to install. It is almost very much compatible. If you like to get a clear details about the charging station click on the link. You can know about the juice box 40 features and information before purchasing one.

If you want to utilise the solar power efficiently and make the environmental friendly, know more about utilising the solar energy wisely by installing panels and using various generators and batteries. Install the panels and help the environment free from gas pollution and help the world to save electricity.

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